Essay in Panera Bread Case Study

Panera Loaf of bread



Louis Kane and Ron Shaich founded a bakery-café called Au Bon Discomfort Company Inc. in 81. The company grew and prospered through the 1980's and 90's. In 93 the company bought Saint John Bread Firm which acquired 20 spots. Between 93 and 97 the company broadened with an additional 100+ St . Louis Bread bakery-cafes opening throughout the Says. In 1997 the company likewise changed the name coming from all Saint John Bread places outside of St . Louis to Panera Loaf of bread. 1998 the corporation sold Au Bon Discomfort Company for $73 mil and aimed at developing and growing their Panera Loaf of bread brand. Between 1999 and 2006 the organization opened one more 850 places.


Important Products:

You�re able to send main method their designer bread which has only four-ingredients; water, organic yeast, flour and salt. The company presents 22 types of their bread. In addition , each location offers other new baked goods, made-to-order sandwiches and salads, soups, light danss, and café beverages.

Company Business Position:

Quest: A loaf of loaf of bread in every provide.

Ideal Intent: Panera Bread intends to be a country wide recognized brand name and the dominant restaurant operator in the specialty bakery-café part. Management: Business Chairman of the Board can be Ronald Shaich. Chief Executive Officer and President is usually William Moreton Structure: Panera Bread Company owns almost all their bakery-café locations although does franchise to selected individuals who satisfy specific and strict qualifications. Company owned locations are the cause of about 67 per cent of most locations. Traditions: Panera Loaf of bread has a commitment to offering crave-able meals that people trust, served in a warm, community gathering place by associates who help to make their guests feel comfortable.

Generic Competitive Technique:

Panera Loaf of bread uses the best-cost provider strategy. The business is committed to offering the greatest quality products at a reasonable value. Panera Breads Company competes on the basis of making an entire cusine experience instead of attracting customers on the basis of value only. The company also established through study that after they could catch the attention of a customer one time that the customer would be happy enough becoming a loyal client.

Current Approach:

The current technique in place is based on three intentions. The 1st initiative is usually to raise the top quality of consciousness about Panera Bread Business. The company will achieve this by simply featuring the caliber and appeal of the breads and baked goods, working their theme of " meals you crave, food you can trust”, and enhancing the appeal of the bakery-cafes being a neighborhood gathering place. Subsequently the company attempt to raise recognition and increase the trial of dining at Panera Bread at multiple meal instances. The company is going to achieve this by using a range of ways to gently drop the Panera Loaf of bread name to consumers and enable them " discover” Panera Bread. Then a company will attempt to convert these one-time customers in to loyal customers by providing a really satisfying eating experience. Lastly the company expects to increase the perception of Panera Breads as a feasible evening meal option and to drive early trial offers of Panera Bread for diner. The company will begin by attempting to convert their existing lunch customers in to customer customers.

Value string activities: Determine primary activities

* Performed considerable market research including focus organizations to determine client food and drink personal preferences. * Attempted to grow sales through developing menus, product merchandising local community charitable and promotions. 2. Distribution of fresh cash are through 140 temperatures controlled vans * Money soled to both firm and franchised owned, cost not exceeding 27% of retail value of merchandise. Value sequence activities: Examine support activities

* Franchised -operated restaurants were instructed to:


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