Pasavento Guidelines For Zup Pattern Dissertation

ZUP - a angle universal with patterns Pesavento. A part you


Everybody who really concerns to work in the financial markets, sooner or later generate the individual trading systems. Reaction to search with the trading program the author of given term had signal ZUP -- a angle universal with patterns Pesavento. From company MetaQuotes Application the provide has served to write terms about this sign. I shall try to make it. In clauses the description of opportunities of indicator ZUP of version 60 (ZUP_v60) will be lead. So it provides turned out, that Broker by which the author gets access to the finance markets, use trading terminal MetaTrader 4. The standard indications included in delivery of the port, did not offer an opportunity for the analysis of the market in the required cut with necessary efficiency. The author prefers to equip that place where lives, rather than to seek happiness elsewhere. Hence, it was essential to make so that by means of customer terminal The program it was possible to spend the essential analysis from the market. The blessing, inside the terminal you will find opportunities through built in encoding language MQL 4 to develop the indicators.

Intended for last year from the beginning of progress the sign there were various interesting suggestions. Many of these way of doing something is realized. Influx of concepts was offered by which the indicator was with the open code and was in a fairly easy approach. This basic decision - to do the noncommercial indicator. While shows an experienced, development of the noncommercial signal - the optimum decision.

Assumptive part.

Following short study there was an idea of relationship in one common indicator of zigzags with various algorithms and automatic building of habits Pesavento and FiboВ«-levels by crises Boucle. Also it became clear, that it can be possible to automate development of various image tools, and not patterns Pesavento and FiboВ«-levels. Search of ideas via that it is likely to realize in the universal indication has been organized. There was a job in view to open all potential opportunities that are incorporated in tool Angle. As a result it was possible to appreciate automatic building of a lots of known graphical tools. Likewise new image tools which in turn idea continues to be offered by numerous people at forum ONIX have been understood some. Reasoning of work from the indicator basic: 1 . We all Submit by using an input with the indicator of the quotation from the chosen monetary tool; 2 . By means of numerous ZigZag it is found on the chart high an low in the market; 3. To the located high an low it really is adhered various graphic equipment. The further work with the received image constructions takes on knowledge of logic of work with all the chosen graphical tool. In given content description Boucle, built in in ZUP will probably be resulted. Likewise there will be mentions of a lot of graphic equipment which have been built in in ZUP. Their in depth description will be in the second article, dedicated to use of the built in visual tools. I shall make an effort to give the mention of the primary resources in which the information of work together with the graphic equipment which have been constructed in the signal is lead. I believe, it is necessary to examine first of all primary sources pertaining to correct understanding of the suggestions incorporated in graphic tools. Recently has read through the book [1]. A subtitle of this book - " Secrets of gold section ". In the book it is told regarding displays of gold section in all natural phenomena. From then on has read work [2]. The two of these literary resources have helped to understand, wherever, the indicator develops about what party. Earlier development travelled a little chaotically. I shall result several citations via work Р®. Рќ. The Sokolov:

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