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Feature Actual Monday, 4 April 2011

Columnist: Awuah, Lawrence

Current Impact info Technology and Future Implications

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Lawrence Awuah

[email protected] org

Ashburn, Va

Introduction: Technology has come to stick with us with accompanying outcome and mixed blessings. The influence of current and future I . t and their applications is over and above human creativeness. How pervasive or useful is information systems and technology? Very well, this is a question worth talking about. Throughout my own secondary education in my precious country—Ghana—I hardly ever had the opportunity to practically observe, touch, or perhaps work with computers until my own first season in a school; however , the good thing was that I had been literate enough to read and understand some fundamental computer systems. My 1st experience with laptop occurred at my first yr as an electrical engineering student at College of Architectural, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST) back in 1996. Theoretically, Used to do understand a lot of computer ideas but virtually it was a nightmare. What do we all discover today, slightly over a decade? Well, the response seems evident. For instance, my own five-year outdated now uses computer as a learning " tool” to experience all of his computer games, watch a film, and to examine kindergarten level math and reading on the net.

Some of us need to change our mind-set to embrace the proliferation of technology, of course, if possible, introduce it inside our DNA; we must however keep in mind the negative consequences associated with technology. To put it briefly, being current and immersed in i . t concepts and applications can be described as catalyst in order to siphon the favorable part of technology for our day to day needs. Many of these state-of-the-art technology include digital and multimedia system convergence; smart applications; embedded systems; portable, satellite, and wireless sales and marketing communications; and sent out computing amongst others. Today, technology finds beneficial applications in medicine, legal systems, in addition to almost every part of our existence, as shown in physique 1in the appendix. We need to be inquisitive of Information Technology and its vibrant applications in shaping the future jointly. The next portions delineate a few contributions from it in our globe today.

Applications and Social Media: A computer with out software or perhaps relevant applications is like a vehicle without fuel and seems to lose its true value. Software planning and development can be ever-changing the phase of companies, organizations, and human-computer connections, for instance. Here are some examples. Everybody may accept me that software applications always change in an even more innovative way without the explicit comprehension of these changes. Of course , applications need to be in-line with current and upcoming changes and adjusts to these changes accordingly. Typical good examples are the stuck operating systems (OS) in smart-phones, PDAs; and...

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Figure 1 ) The actions of information devices and technology in medication, judicial devices, and safe-keeping systems. Adapted from " Technology in Action, ” with a. Evans, K. Martin, and M. A. Poatsy, 2011.

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