piper first chronology Dissertation

Information on the accident

Piper Alpha accident happened inside the 6th of July in 1988. In this accident 167 males died including 165 out of 226 workers from the platform and 2 associates of the recovery crew. The series of explosions that started out at twelve. 00 pm destroyed system in less than a single and a half hour. It happened for the production deck which consisted of four themes. Module A - essential oil is piped up in the sea

Module B – Process oil and gas

Module C - Method oil and gas

Component D – Power generation The initially explosion took place in module C, eventually damaging the module B and starting the deadly chain of events. This kind of explosion occurred due to the leakage of Liquefied Petroleum Gas. There was several critical elements that brought on this misfortune. Some of these factors were style failures, and others were basic human errors. (Seconds coming from disaster, 2004) Chronology

1988, July 6th, 7. 45 am – The allow to perform the effort on the gear PSV-504 (safety valve) was issued. 12. 00 pm – On the production deck two maintenance workers will be removing security valve. It's the work approved that early morning, which they need to finish by the end of the shift (6. 00 pm). your five. 10 pm – New control room operator starts his change. The giving operator features nothing to statement, as it was regular shift. six. 00 pm hours – The shift ends, but within the production deck work on the safety valve is usually not completed. Replacing it will have to wait until morning. The pump A that it is connected to is power down. 9. forty five pm – Control area operator gets an immediate alarm on his panel. The alarm suggested that LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) pump B was tripped. The production crew are not able to restart the pump. Lead production owner confirms the fact that schedule routine service has not however began within the second pump B, that has been out of service. So he indicators the pump A back in service. being unfaithful. 55 pm – There is certainly an alarm...

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