Q Mobile phone in Bangladesh Essay

Q-mobile in Bangladesh| December several



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Desk of Items


Exec Summery4

Advantages: 5

Objective: 5

Perspective: 5

Portable Handset Market6



Use of choices in Portable set7

Basic call7







MP3 FORMAT player8

Using cell phone propagate your circle8

Using cellular phone increasing cultural communication8

PESTLE Analysis9



Boundaries to entry9


Technological Factors10


Common Law System10

Duty System11

Intellectual Property Rights11

International Obligations11


Environment Laws11

Legal requirements for portable sets12

SWOT Analysis: 13

Strength: 13

Weakness: 14

Opportunities: 18

Threats: 13

Target Marketing Segmentation: 15

Marketing strategy: 18


Value: 16

Place: 17


Product Life Pattern Stage: twenty one

Product Development: twenty one

Consumer Shopping for Behavior: twenty two

BCG Progress Matrix Examination: 22


Expenses Forecast: 3

Sales Forecast24




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Executive Summery

Foreign direct investment is definitely welcome considering that the beginning of the 1990s, Bangladesh offers adopted many policies to facilitate the expansion in the private sector and increase the inflow of foreign investment. The private sector is recognized as the engine of expansion. Although the change process from an provincial to an professional economy has only started, there is a general opinion among the politics parties about promoting a market- oriented economic policy. Foreign companies are welcome. In fact , a recent analysis showed that the country provides perhaps the the majority of liberal FDI regime in South Asia, with no preceding approval requirements or limits on equity participation or perhaps restrictions for the repatriation of profits and income. Significant investment options With its practically 130 , 000, 000 inhabitants, Bangladesh is one of the many populous countries of the world and potentially a sizeable industry. Thanks to relatively high expansion rates in recent times, there is a growing middle category with increasing purchasing electrical power and an expanding demand for different products and services. With regards to GDP, once adjusted for purchasing power, the Bangladesh economy amounts to $170 billion. Besides addressing a potential market in itself (and potential use of the much bigger South Hard anodized cookware market) Bangladesh also offers considerable potential being a base intended for labour-intensive production. Low-cost work is the aspect most often reported by the personal as well as the open public sector in Bangladesh when asked to name the most eye-catching features of the nation. Q-mobile can gain business by having...

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