Documenting a Procedure for False Ceiling Operate Essay

Work Method – Phony Ceiling Functions

Purpose - To file a procedure pertaining to false roof work on internet site.

Objective- To make sure that false limit work on internet site is accomplished in a organized manner.

Scope- This procedure is applicable to prep and installation of false ceiling work,

Responsibility- Project Manager

Quality Records- Approval of material and evaluation Certificate, in the event that applicable

-- Check list of False Threshold Works

Associated- Controlling, Storage and Preservation Of material (WPM. W. 08 ) Procedure

Appendix- Check list in false limit works


1 . The Job Manager (PM) shall assures following

a) Appropriate drawings are received from the architected.

b) In the case of any difference, same will probably be resolved with the architect.

c) Where necessary shop drawings are prepared

d) Materials samples happen to be submitted to get approval by supplier along with technical brochures. In the event applicable evaluation certificate shall also be available.

e) When ever material test is approved make fun of up sample is ready, if essential

f) Cover delivery controlling and storage area of material.

g) Prepare work schedule with contractor in accordance with shop drawings.

h) False threshold work is definitely carried out in accordance with master plan.

i) Regularly check the job and keep an eye on progress of work. j) Adequate protection is provided towards the completed operate and correct housekeeping can be maintained.

Set up

The PM shall ensure following:

1 . Doing work lines and levels shall be set out prior to installation.

2 . Ceiling material shall be checked out for the following before employ:

a) Accepted type and size of material with particular coating or perhaps treatment. b) Squareness preserved at right angles.

c) Free of flaws such as bents, dents, sag, warp, staining and discolouration.

three or more. Abutting wall surfaces will probably be checked to make sure corners have reached right angles and space for threshold is...

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