Relation Between Leadership Style  Staff Satisfaction Dissertation

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03Role of Leadership in Achieving Organizational Objective3-4 04Leadership Theories4-18

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Executive Brief summary

Leadership is an important aspect of managing. In this term paper, all of us studied relation between management style and employee satisfaction of a well-known bank in Bangladesh which is Brac Lender Limited.

We applied questionnaires program, indirect oral interview and mailed questionnaires as the process of collecting data. On the basis of the data, all of us draw an conclusion.

We discovered that there is simply no such romantic relationship between leadership style and employee pleasure. Though some type of autocratic management is managed here, workers are satisfied to their business and superiors (May become for the salary paid, promotion possibilities, job security, benefits, career opportunity and status).

We recommended that the Financial institution should alter their style of management and give even more emphasize upon democratic or participative leadership. They should not simply increase the engagement of employees in decision making but as well the abordnung of expert should be sent out to make the workers more happy. Employees pleasure will make these people more committed, royal, efficient and disciplined. As a result, the organization will grow day by day.


In these recent times, it can be observed that there is even more emphasis on leadership styles applied in various organization/company for achieving the desired goal. So command is an important element of management. The essence of leadership can be followership. Basically, it is the readiness of people to follow along with that makes a person a leader. Moreover, persons tends to adhere to those which they observe as providing a means of obtaining their own wishes, wants and desires. Researchers include researched and created several approaches to command.

In respect to Weihrich & Koontz,

" the art or process of affecting people in order that they will endeavor willingly and enthusiastically toward the achievement of group goals”.

Relating to Griffin,

" leadership is definitely the process of affecting and supporting others to work with excitement toward achieving goal”.

And so we can declare leadership can be explained as a process of influencing others and facilitating collective attempts in reaching the shared targets. Objectives in the study

The aim of this study should be to investigate the partnership between command styles and employee fulfillment in a well-known bank BRAC BANK. Besides, we also would like to know how these management style relevant to employee satisfaction. The main concerns need to be addressed in this conventional paper are: 1 . What type of management style applied at this establishment? 2 . Is there any significant relationship between leadership design and employee satisfaction?

Significance with the study

пЃ¶This examine will gain institution (e. g. Banking institutions & others) in terms of improvement in many areas such as the top management management & the staff behavior. пЃ¶By conducting this kind of survey, this kind of institution can improve its performance.

пЃ¶By learning the type of management and company culture applied, appropriate action could be taken up improve the staff satisfaction. Personnel are important resources of an corporation which will business lead the organization to excellence. Range and limit

1 ) As economic organizations banking institutions maintain confidentiality of their valuable data. Consequently the study mainly depended on established files and annual studies. 2 . As leadership has its own variables inside it, we focus every variable with one element in it. a few. For form of leadership, we focus on what kind of leadership applying, whether it is a task oriented...

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