Review Sheet Exercise 2 Skeletal Muscle tissue Physiology Article



Skeletal Muscle Physiology


LABORATORY TIME/DATE: 9pm.. 4. eight. 11

Electric Stimulation

1 . Brand each phase of a typical muscle mass twitch, and, on the next line, describe what is happening in each stage. a. Latent-stage from rest to muscle mass tension commences

b. Contraction-At this level the muscle tissue reaches the peak in contraction

c. Relaxation- muscle tissue is shortened, returns to zero and back primary length.

installment payments on your In Activity 2, the length of time was the valuable period? ___2. 2_______ msec Describe the chemical adjustments that are taking place during this period. Calicum levels will be low seeing that muscle contaction is not at its top. Preparing for the the compression Ca start the process of mailing Acetychlorine binding to the Sacroplasma

The Rated Muscle Respond to Increased Incitement Intensity

3. From Activity a few, describe the result of increasing the voltage. So what happened to the force generated and why would this alter occur? Larger voltage leads to higher power and an increased contractile force

4. How can this change occur in feston? Tthe more stimulus of muscle need more work on the cellular material which needs more Ca+2 to make this easy stimulus enhance.

5. In Activity 4, you looked at the effect of stimulating the muscle too many times in a short time with full relaxation between the stimuli. Explain the power of anxiete with every single subsequent stimulation. The power of contraction is larger with each subsequent stimulus.

6. Identify the chemical changes which have been thought to correlate to this difference in vivo. this involves more Ca+2 in the sacroplasm and more activity on the slender filament intended for cross-bridge attachments.

7. In Activity five, what was the effect of increasing the frequency of stimulation? Boost frequency of stimuli bring about increased muscles tension.

almost 8. Compare and contrast wave summation with recruitment (multiple motor device summation). How are they identical? How was each achieved in the simulation? They are...

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