Rhetorical Research: Too Much of a Good Thing Research Conventional paper

Rhetorical Examination: Too Much of an excellent

" In least 25% of all Us citizens under age nineteen happen to be overweight or obese, a figure which has doubled over the very last 30 years. ” says Greg Crister in the article named " Too Much of a Good Thing” which appeared on July 22, 2001 in the Oregon Times. In the article, Crister uses three common rhetorical strategies, ethos, pathos, and logos, in an attempt to persuade his audience, any person raising children or considering children's health issues, of how frequent this epidemic has become and supply them with a lot of solutions regarding how they can prevent childhood weight problems. Overall, Crister's argument works and his audience walks aside convinced that childhood overweight is, in fact , an epidemic that plagues children inside their own nation and that they need to act quickly themselves to assist fight the fight and insure it does not be a problem with their own children.

One particular common rhetorical strategy is ethos, which can be the use of reputable sources to compliment a assert. Since Crister is a writer and not an expert on years as a child obesity himself, it is important that he uses creditable sources to persuade the audience of the epidemic that child years obesity is now. Crister uses ethos very well in his argument by providing current findings coming from reliable resources that are strongly related the immediate difficulty of the child years obesity. At the outset of his article, Crister says, " Weight problems, ' the U. D. proclaim[s], 'is the dominant unmet global health issue, with Westernized countries topping the list. " It is a prevalent belief which the United Nations mainly only relates to epidemics that plague kids in third world countries thus by taking to the audience's attention the fact that U. D. is now concentrating on the United States, Crister encourages these to look nearer to home to find out what an immediate crisis that childhood obesity has become. By looking into making the audience aware that childhood obesity is being cared for as an epidemic by a...

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