Senioritis: Disease Plaguing Students Essay

A common disease which plagues high schools across the world, senioritis. Senioritis can be characterized by scholar's plummeting levels, lack of inspiration, and total careless behavior. Senioritis impacts many high school students differently whilst varying in intensity. This disease is actually a serious issue, seeming to affect almost all high school students at one stage or another throughout their career.

Senioritis is not merely a made-up word by simply high school instructors to satirize seniors and their failure to care slightly, but an actual problem for teenagers these days. Physical evidence shows that in a place where college applications are thanks and " pointless” classes are failed, the mind releases rebellious feelings in senior students. Diagnosing senioritis is relatively convenient. Symptoms of the disorder vary although a few common are: lack of motivation, basic nausea or perhaps sleepiness in classes, and failure to accomplish homework. Therapies are available for those who qualify.

As a high school student, I actually suffer from this traumatic disease. My symptoms are widespread, but not while serious while my many other friends. When i know senioritis can only be cured by a phenomenon generally known as graduation, I recognize a few tricks and tips to prevent this disease by destroying chances at school. The initially tip is always to stay aggressive and agree to help coming from others. I am aware that college students commonly refuse having this kind of disease, nevertheless acceptance then help by teachers or guidance consultants will persuade help work ethic and determination. My second tip is always to establish desired goals. Maybe instead of watching television for hours on end each day, try finding a college software done, it'll be good for you in the long term. The third and final idea I have is always to consider the future. I think regarding it this way, if I can get in to college, I will most definitely have fun in college. That seems encomiable, right?

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