The Benefits of Stimulating and Rewarding Positive Behavior Essay

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The Benefits of Motivating and Fulfilling Positive Behavior

At Upshire school children will be rewarded to get displaying great behaviour. Your children are internal teams that happen to be represented by simply both a name of a famous artist and a colour i. e. Salvador Dali - black bead. Numerous children from each course from season 1 to year six make up the property teams. When a child shows positive behavior they are rewarded with a property colour bead which they placed into a large clear box attached to the wall structure near the office. At certain times during the year the beads are counted plus the winning team is rewarded. This can be by means of a film show or a special crafting program.

One day in break period I was going for walks back to work when certainly one of my course pupils named me to assist her. Your woman was looking to help among the younger learners who was moaping and clutching her arm. When asked what experienced happened the class pupil declared that the younger kid had been jogging up the stairways and had slipped over knocking her arm. My pupil had picked out her up and helped her towards the class to calm her down and enquire my tips. The younger pupil was clearly shaken up and disappointed, so I sat her down and had a review of her provide and found a little graze on her behalf elbow. I cleaned this with a great antiseptic remove and used a plaster. She calmed down and stopped moaping. I asked my personal class pupil to walk us to the office so that we could record the incident effectively in the incident book. When completed and we were back in the class I spoke to my scholar praising her for her kind actions. We gave her two beads. I explained to the rest of the class what had happened and all offered her a clap on her behalf model conduct. The head educator also stated her good deed in the special assembly.

By rewarding my pupil's positive actions, explaining it to the class and in turn the school during assembly, the children will discover her how pleased I used to be with the way the scholar had behaved Hopefully, this could...

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