Southwestern School Eoq  2006 Article

Term Project Part II

Sw University EOQ – 06\

My suggestion for Maddux would be to place his purchase with 1st Printing for both the programs, as well as the inserts.

For the programs, Maddux should bottom his order on D=300, 000. He should buy 31, 622 programs every single order. This will equate to 10 orders positioned throughout the period, saving him over $45, 000 compared to Quality Stamping, and only cost him an extra $2, five-hundred in gathering costs.

To get the inserts, Maddux ought to base his order upon D=250, 500. He should order 18, 634 inserts with every single order. This will likely equate to eight orders put throughout the time of year, saving him over $10, 000 compared to quality producing, and only priced at him $1, 750 in pick-up costs.

Maddux could conserve even more funds on his gathering costs by placing simultaneous orders and picking up inserts and courses in one trip.

Maddux's total cost for the courses and inserts is $668, 671. dua puluh enam. That includes gathering costs.

However are more courses being purchased than inserts, there are still lots of inserts becoming ordered based upon the 2 to 3 demand. If total attendance for the growing season is three hundred, 000, around 198, 500 programs will be demanded. That leaves around 52, 1000 inserts excessively, and 75, 000 courses. Programs can be utilized in promotions and other activities around grounds and for alumni.

If I had been Maddux, I would personally look into the auto parking problems the fans are having. Parking can garner very high profits with relatively low overhead. If you can buy a parcel of land within walking length to the stadium, it only needs to be well staffed on game-days, and you can demand whatever selling price you need. The deeper you are to the stadium, the more you are able to charge pertaining to parking. I might also check out the seating concerns. If people continue to shell out to come the game, and are uncomfortable, sooner or later they will leave coming. People can get around concession rates by eating before and after the game. The seating circumstance can become a deterrent for...

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