Assignment 008 Essay

п»їAssignment 008 Protecting the well being of children

and the younger generation

Task A

1 . Recognize a current a national piece of legislation highly relevant to safeguardiang children and young peopleВґs wellbeing ( Ref 1 . 1)

Children Act 2004

This gives the legal framework for each Child Concerns. It includes the requirement for: services to work more closely, forming an integrated service a ‘common' assessment of children's demands

a shared database info which is strongly related the safety and welfare of kids earlier support for parents who have are experiencing problems.

Policies which protect

Schools must develop a array of policies which will ensure the safety, security and well-being of their pupils. These will decide the responsibilities of staff plus the procedures that they must follow. Procedures may be separate or incorporated into one health and safety plan, but they need to include portions which cover the following issues of: protecting and guarding, and techniques for confirming


bullying, including cyber-bullying (see site 00).

The Department to get Education (DFE) provides guidance for local authorities including schools. Educational institutions use this advice to develop their particular policy and procedures which must be implemented. Two of these are listed below.

2 . Identify two current community policies, techniques of guiance in relation to safeguardiang the wellbeing of children and young peopleВґs ( Ref 1 . one particular )

1 ) " Working Together to Safeguard Children” (2010), the area Authority Selected Officer will be informed of most allegations against adults dealing with children and offers advice and guidance to Senior Managers on the improvement of instances to ensure they are really resolved immediately. Information relating to allegations can be collated and presented towards the Lancashire Shielding Children Table to inform training, research, more secure recruitment and awareness elevating.

The area Authority Designated Officer is found within Children's Services and really should be notified to all circumstances in which it is alleged that a person who harmonizes with children provides:

• behaved in a way that has hurt, or may have hurt, a child • possibly fully commited a criminal offence against children, or related to children • behaved towards children or children in a way that indicates s/he can be unsuitable to do business with children

The Local Expert Designated Officer role relates to paid, outstanding, volunteers, informal, agency or anyone self-employed and they catch concerns, allegations or offences emanating from outside of work. The Local Expert Designated Officer is involved from the primary phase of the allegation before the conclusion of the case.

The area Authority Selected Officer will give you advice and guidance that help determine which the allegation rests within the opportunity of the types of procedures. Within the function the Local Authority Designated Police officer helps co-ordinate information showing. The Local Specialist Designated Expert will also screen and monitor any research with the expectation that it is settled as quickly as possible. 2 . Children Action 1989

This Work identifies the responsibilities of parents and experts who need to work to guarantee the safety of the child. This kind of Act includes two essential sections which in turn focus specific call on kid protection. Section 47 says that the Local Authority provides ‘a duty to investigate when there is a sensible cause to suspect that children is suffering, or more likely to suffer, significant harm'. Section 17 claims that providers must be implement to ‘safeguard and encourage the welfare of children within the area who also are in need'.

three or more. Complete the following table with two good examples: ( Ref: 1 . a couple of )

Organization name (involved in safeguarding children and young people) Role in the agency ( in your own function setting)

Health care professionals

Health professionals, in particular GPs and doctors in emergency departments, may examine children with...

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