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Desk of Articles

1 Review

2 Basic Information

2 . 1 Statistical Category

installment payments on your 2 Part of Activity

installment payments on your 3 Organisational Unit Dependable, Persons to make contact with

2 . 5 Objectives and Purpose; Background

2 . five Periodicity

installment payments on your 6 Client

2 . several Users

2 . 8 Legal basis

3 Statistical Concepts, Methods

several. 1 Subject matter of the Statistics

3. a couple of Units of Observation/Collection Units/Units of Presentation 3. a few Data Options

3. some Reporting Unit/Respondents

3. a few Type of Survey/Process

3. 6 Characteristics of the Sample/Process

3. 7 Review Technique/Data Transfer

3. 8 Questionnaire (including explanations)

3. 9 Participation in the Review

3. 10 Characteristics in the Survey/Process and its Results

3. 10. 1 Income calculate – current prices

three or more. 10. two Expenditure approximate – current prices

a few. 10. three or more Expenditure calculate – frequent prices

3. 10. some Output estimate – constant prices

several. 10. 5 Institutional Sector Accounts

3. 10. six Supply and Use and Input -Output Tables

several. 11 Categories used

3. 12 Local Breakdown of Results

four Production of the Statistics, Data Processing, Quality Assurance 4. you Data Capture

four. 2 Code

4. a few Data Enhancing

4. 4 Imputation

4. 5 Grossing and Weighting

4. 6th Computation of Outputs, Estimation Methods Utilized

4. six Other The good quality assurance Techniques Applied

5 Top quality

5. 1 Relevance

a few. 2 Reliability and Dependability

5. 2 . 1 . Sampling Effects, Representativity

5. 2 . 2 . Non-Sampling Effects

five. 3 Timeliness and Punctuality

5. three or more. 1 Eventual Results

five. 3. 2 Final Results

your five. 4 Coherence

5. 5 Comparability

your five. 6 Convenience and Clearness

5. six. 1 Help Users, Special Analyses

your five. 6. 2 Revisions

five. 6. 3 Publications

a few. 6. some Confidentiality

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Annex1 Definitions

National Accounts


Quality report

1 . Overview

The National Accounts form an extensive framework within which economic data could be presented within a coherent, consistent manner. The first established estimates of national cash flow and expenditure for Ireland in europe for the period 1938-1944 were published in 1946. With time the countrywide accounts developed into an annual series and later (in 1999) quarterly accounts had been introduced.

Quotes are provided for current and constant prices. The impact of price alterations is eliminated from the quotes at continuous prices to ensure that these gauge the real or volume changes in the various aggregates over time.

The key outputs happen to be

the twelve-monthly National Cash flow and Expenditure (NIE) statement that contains information on all the main aggregates

quarterly national accounts that provide measures of the pattern in the main aggregates on a quarterly basis

twelve-monthly institutional sector accounts offering a systematic information of various stages of the financial cycle for seperate institutional groups ( non-financial and financial corporations, govt, private homeowners, private nonprofit organisations and others) Twelve-monthly estimates of output and value added by simply activity

Local GVA and Household Salary data and

supply and use and input-output desks that provide more detailed information on the structure from the economy.

The national accounts are developed within an integrated statistical construction that is based on the Euro system of Nationwide and Regional Accounts (ESA95). The use of this standard makes certain that Ireland‟s countrywide accounts happen to be comparable with those of other EU member states. Along with being used for monitoring developments in the economy, some of the key aggregates bring EU management purposes.

2 . General data

2 . one particular Statistical Category

The nationwide accounts happen to be compiled utilizing a wide range of record and administrative sources. 2 . 2 Part of Activity

Macro economic statistics

2 . 3 Organisational Unit Responsible, Person to Contact

Countrywide Accounts...

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