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HW0210 Technical Communication

TUTORIAL one particular


Your Instructor

Aileen Ng Lecturer from Language & Communication Centre


[email protected] edu. sg

Consultation Several hours: Thursday: on the lookout for – 14 a. meters. Friday: on the lookout for – 10 a. m.

How is this course unlike HW110?

п‚— Much of your time and efforts will be devoted to project-based


п‚— This involves working on a science/engineering

research project in groups of 4/5.

п‚— The outcome can be an academics product comprising:

пЃ¶ Exploration Report

пЃ¶ Abstract пЃ¶ Oral Business presentation

How will you always be graded for this course?

1 .

Group analysis report – 35%

installment payments on your Individual summary of the survey – 15% 3. Individual oral presentation of the study

– 30%

4. Person class participation – 20%

What are the training resources for HW0210?

1 .

пЃ¶ пЃ¶ пЃ¶

Main EdveNTUre course internet site to obtain the following vital documents: Assignment Guidelines and Feedback Varieties Tutorial Activities Tutorial Paperwork

2 . Training site to work on on the net activities several. Recommended textbook: Engineering Your Report

Precisely what is the HW0210 research project?

п‚— It is a small-scale science/engineering-based trial and error

research that will not involve the usage of sophisticated equipment and the clinical. experimental design using components that can be found in our everyday lives.

п‚— The challenge of the HW0210 project should be to conceptualize a great

п‚— College students need to depend on their genius and creativity to come

up with their very own experiments to be able to collect reliable data. study report.

п‚— This will in the end influence at some level, the quality of the

What have your older persons done so much?

п‚— How can different folding patterns of plastic bags affect their very own durability? п‚— How is definitely physical appeal influenced simply by vocal top quality? п‚— Which is the best color and materials combination of sports activities wear to soak up п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚—

UV rays? Just how do colors have an effect on human heart price? How does PH level have an effect on detergent performance? How does caffeine affect human being reaction time? When is local plumber to consume substance of poultry? Do highlighter pens influence memory retention? What is the most efficient exercise to improve alertness during lectures? Which usually natural element could behave as an effective air freshener within a hostel place? Which is the most effective energy drink? Which location in NTU offers the greatest signal power and transfer rate? How can heat impact computer velocity? How does whitening toothpastes influence enamel power? What is the simplest way to keep sandwiches fresh while we are on the go?

How will you get started?

п‚— Form pursuit group. п‚— Brainstorm matters of interest.

п‚— Throw tips at each additional and examine up before selecting one


п‚— Write a word to describe your purpose. п‚— Come up with 2/3 questions that you want to answer in

relation to the purpose.

п‚— Start preparing your research design and style.

Example 1

MAIN QUESTION Is the highlighter pen useful in helping learners to remember keywords? This examine aims to decide the usefulness of highlighter pens in aiding memory space retention. (Purpose statement) CERTAIN QUESTIONS (Research Questions) Can easily students remember highlighted phrases better than words in black print? Among the list of words that have been recalled, how many are pointed out words? (Scope of your research)

Example a couple of

Does Essence of Chicken help students in their academics performance? Goal Statement п‚— The purpose of this kind of research is to determine whether consuming essence of chicken is going to significantly increase academic functionality. Research Inquiries п‚— Just how do students perform before and after consuming essence of chicken? п‚— When is local plumber to consume substance of chicken breast? п‚— Precisely what is the duration of optimum functionality after consuming essence of chicken? Activity 1

1 . What is every single study's purpose?

Answers – Question you

Text one particular

The objective of this kind of project was going to design a conveyable system able of obtaining...

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