Utopia and Dystopia Essay

Jogging away from the dark woods at a noiseless night, the person finally discovers the paths. These two pathways are segregated by an old massive woods. Through the dim light coming from moon, the sign of the right aspect says " Brave " new world ", King—Aldous Huxley”. Turning to the left side, the boys reads the sign " Utopia, King—Thomas More”. Pondering and thinking around the highway, the men continue to can't decipher it out which road is better to choose. All of a sudden, a sorcerer popped out. Switching the magic wand, the wizard said " You anxious, teenagers. I'll give you two possibilities. If you feel dissapointed what you choose now, then just screamed to the atmosphere, and Items show up and save you. ” The man nods his brain. Next second, he simply disappears surrounding this time. The man has a chance to regret while we no longer. Many people are thinking about Utopia. These followings would be the characteristic of Utopia.

In Utopia, there reflect a large number of harmonious with the society in every single aspect. The first one is their home. There are fifty five cities in Utopia. They will build metropolis in the same way. They likewise have the same different languages, laws and traditions. And the people who are in Utopia crazily like backyards. There must be a garden beyond the house. The 2nd one is that they can own the house commonly. There is not any poor in this city. If perhaps people need to acquire something in the market, then almost all is cost-free. They have a tranquility order of society. In terms of the battle, the people who have live in Utopia hate battles. Even that they are forced to enroll in the battle, they won't damage the blameless. If they will reach a compromise with all the enemy, they will never betray the comparison between the other person.

Regarding the religion component, there are so many sorts of religions acknowledged by Utopian. Some people worship to the goodness of sun. Other people worship to the the almighty of moon. And still other people worship to their ancestry. Regardless of the fact that they have so many different kinds of religions, that they still rely on one same god. Another part is definitely the working time. Utopian spend...

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