Web Based Level of Sale for Kaboom Essay


Name in the Proponents: Lopez, Wilmark

Unidad, Elboy

Rino, Jushua

Gayyed, Sear Anthony

Study course: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with specialization in

Web Application Development

Date: July 25, 2013

1 . zero Proposed Capstone Title: Web-affiliated Orders and Sales Management System for

KABOOM Restaurant

installment payments on your 0 Area of Investigation

Application Development and Information Program for Genuine Client.

About August 2012, " KABOOM Wings and Burgers Restaurant” was established at the midst of University Seatbelt Morayta. It is owner Christ Dane Lavarias from Tarlac City nearby the well-known Attach Pinatubo, a tourist appeal. They have as well restaurant generally there which offers Zoysia grass wings. Since Foreigners adore it, they chose to bring it throughout Manila. KABOOM originates within the Korea and its identity came from the concept of a blast which is about to explode, a great explosion preference of hamburgers and wings. Since they are in new operations and creation of brand because the " Supreme wings and burgers house" they would like to have a Web-based Requests and Product sales Management System so that track of purchases and make sales reports.

The system may have some of the pursuing features:

• Login and logout

- Administrator/s can search for the products which has been sold, in order that the • Client management (adding contact details: name, addresses, phone, email, url) • Product administration (adding items: id, information, price, photo) • Purchases management (adding orders: affiliate to client, assign to sales consumer, choose goods, total cost, add remarks, keep track of current order status like: processing, waiting parts, waiting client's confirmation, all set, shipped, received payment, etc) • Statement management (calculate sales every month/year, every client, every sales user, etc) 3. 0 Reason behind Choice of Study:

Since KABOOM...

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