wireshark Essay

Wireshark Cellular

Fred Rejoindre

Kaplan School

Systems Analysis and Style

MSIT 530

Professor Robert

March three or more, 2013

Wireshark Wireless Capture

Source MAC details, destination MAC PC addresses

This display shot reveals the source address of the workstation and a destination addresses representing a broadcast indication for the beacon.

This display shot reveals the source and destination supply of the 802. 11 supply

Condition of safety and the authentication algorithm utilized by the AUTHENTICATION packet.

This display screen shows that the Authentication Formula is Open System plus the packet is usually not shielded.

Cipher suites and authentication important factors offered by the AUTHENTICATION packet.

This kind of screen displays the authentication under the indicate section of the Microsoft WPA information. This screen as well shows the cause address of the Authentication packet beginning the authentication while the workstation.

Which usually system sent the AFFILIATION packet:

The vacation spot address is set to 00: 18: 39: f5: handbag: bb which can be the address of the endpoint. The source talk about is 00: 13: 02: d1: b6: 4f and this is the talk about of the transmitter and the transmission device is a great AP because shown around the screen which means send with the association box is the Access Point.

The 802. 11 process is more difficult than the standard Ethernet protocol. The wireless protocol must deal additional requirements relating to the connectivity towards the access point. The task this week involved a more deeply dive in to the packet composition for the wireless process. Identifying the Authentication and Authorization was trickier than it appeared initially. Identifying the authentication and ciphers can come in convenient when planning to identify a great endpoint is not being allowed on the net which is a regular problem in a secure position. Another specialized niche was the details that is transmitted to the access points themselves. Understanding how each of the devices contact the get points throughout the beacon as well as the RTS and ACK is obviously something that can come in handy to diagnose problems. What I find totally amazing put with wireless marketing and sales communications is Running around capabilities. To trust that a device can instantly connect through a different gain access to point in a similar service set and still continue communications and never have to re-authenticate. The authentication and association are usually key components of the wifi technology. Within an adhoc circumstance the workstation or laptop is constantly looking for an access point out associate to when it finds one this attempts to associate simply by sending association packets towards the access point expecting a great acknowledgment back. The authentication method is defined by the get point as well as the workstation and this information is usually send via authentication bouts from the access point to the workstation.


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